I'm Anja, a 16 year old girl from Norway and it will be pretty much everything I like on this blog :) You can message me if there is something you want more gifs of!

wow its been long since ive been on here and i miss it so much

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mannhattan: how do you make gifs?

i download the video i want to make a gif of (i use youtubebyclick) and make it in photoshop CS6

you just open the video and cut out the piece you want by placing the red line at that exact place and pressing the scissor thing like this

and then you delete the parts you don’t want :)

you can edit the looks of it and speed there (just try a bit of different things to see what looks best)

and when you’re saving you go to File/Save for web like this

and you will get this up

now the image size here depends on what kind of post you’re making, but a gif like the one you can see in the picture there (the one i make most of my gifs like) is width 500px

^you can also change the size while editing by going to Images/image size or cropping it :) and remember to put it on Forever in “looping options” and just save :) and of course if something is wrong or needs changing you can just press “done” or “cancel” and you get back to the main site and can keep going :)

Oh and for a gif to work on tumblr it can’t be bigger than 1MB!

^the pics are from a gif to my other blog @devlinspired btw 

Hope it helped a bit babe, just ask if there is anything else :)

and links for photoshop and youtubebyclick

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my favorite dance moves - “the lion king”

my favorite dance moves - “the lion king”

my favorite dance moves - “the saw”

my favorite dance moves - “the saw”

gonna update tonight :)

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anon, if you still don’t like any, can you please send me a link to a video you want me to make from? :)

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